How To Make Your Own Curtain Rods Using Galvanized Brass Pipe And Nipple Fittings

We are going to share tutorial to make your own curtain rod from galvanized brass pipe to have a cool, industrial chic environment. To make them glamorous, you can paint the pipe with golden spray color.

You can also use steel pipe, PVC pipe, or copper pipe if you don’t have brass material based pipe. You should use brass nipple fittings to join the pipes in stronger way.

People love decorating projects for their home as they inspire their people to start something they have been thinking about.

So, for curtain rod project, you will need-

  1. 2 galvanized floor flange ( ½ inch)
  2. 2 galvanized 90-degree elbow (1/2 inch)
  3. 2 Close brass nipple (1/2 inch)
  4. 1 galvanized pipe (1/2 inch by 60 inch)

Expert advice- Make sure you get the pipe wider than your window

Other supplies required for the project –

  • Metallic Gold spray paint
  • Primer
  • Clear gloss sealer (optional)
  • 8 Drywall anchors
  • 8 screws

Tools you should have-

  • Cordless drill
  • Tape measure
  • Pencil

Start The Project

  1. Step one- Assemble all the pieces – rod and other fittings.
  2. Step two- Make sure you place the newspaper or long rag cloth below the fittings so that paint won’t make a mess on the floor.
  3. Step three- Remove grease from the pipe

You must clean the pipe and remove the grease from pipe and accessories. It is important to perform in order to hold that golden spray. After removal of the grease, dry it using a rag cloth.

  1. Step four- Use primer and make one coat to grip the golden spray color on the pipe and accessories.

Tip to use primer spray- use it from 8-10 inches away and shake the bottle every 20 seconds to get a flawless coverage.

Set it for half an hour.

  1. Step five – Paint the pipe and accessories

Once the primer coat has dried, you can spray the golden color.


Let them dry.

  1. Step Six – Assemble the curtain rod pipe

Assemble the curtain rod and measure it.

Order to assemble the parts will be like this-

Flange à Nipple à Elbow à Pipe à Elbow à Nipple à Flange

  1. Step seven – Attach the pipe flanges to the window wall.
  2. Step eight – attach the pipe curtain rod and it’s done.

This is the way you can recycle your old brass pipes, valves, and brass nipple fittings at your place. If you have more ideas to share, tell the readers.