Perfect Solution For Leakage – Use Brass Pipe Fittings

Our constructional works go through several steps and for providing longevity to the structure we all try to use best of the raw material. In any building the first thing that starts to deteriorate is the water pipelines causing water patches due to leakages.
Brass pipe fittings
Brass pipe fittings are the perfect solution to the leakage problem. Brass pipe fittings are made up of brass which is an alloy of copper and zinc. Brass is very tough metal and allows durability and longevity as they don’t get crack and bent easily. Further these brass fittings are easily available at an attractive price range.

Why Brass Pipe Fittings?

  • Strength – Brass pipe fittings are best where strength is required. Brass is itself strong metal in nature and the manufacturing process of brass pipe fittings makes it further stronger.
  • Durable – They are the most durable among all kinds of fitting. As compared to PVC fittings they are durable as PVC pipes don’t has the ability of holding hot water and tends to melt and leak. In contrary brass pipe fittings are most suited for this purpose.
  • Corrosion Free – The best part of brass pipe fittings is that they are corrosion resistant. They don’t get rusted making them maintenance free and there is absolutely no requirement to change them again and again.
  • Availability – Because brass pipe fittings are in high demand they are easily available in any regular hardware shop. They are available with different lengths and size so that the user can use them in accordance to their requirement.
  • Subordinate Parts – With brass pipes other brass products are also available like elbows, brass T, mixers and etc. You can easily get the desired attachments of brass pipe fittings and get them fixed easily.
  • Leak Proof – The last thing that you require in your water fittings is leakage. Perhaps brass pipe fittings most important feature is that they don’t get leak easily even when hot water is flown through them. If in extreme cases they get leak then they can easily be repaired with welding or applying M Seal.
  • Attractive – Unlike PVC pipes that are just colourful brass pipe fittings comes with proper smoothness that too which silver and nickel plating. They really look beautiful and enhance the looks of your kitchen, washrooms and etc.

All the major constructional companies too uses brass pipe fittings extensively despite knowing that they are reasonably expensive than PVC fittings because they know about its longevity and durability. They don’t want to take risks by using sub-standard fittings and have the negative impact of water patches on their building.

Brass pipe fittings manufacturers too are using many different techniques to develop some new fitments so that they can create a brand of their own. Brass pipe fittings are now being polished with nickel and silver plating so that they may look attractive.

These brass pipe fittings look really classy and give great impression to your bathrooms, kitchens and toilets. So next time whenever there is the need of getting any plumbing work done then you must opt for brass pipe fittings without giving it a second thought.



Advantages Of Automotive Brass Fitting Over The Iron Wires

Electric wiring can be made of several metals however the most common metal is indeed brass, due to its electrical conductivity. Brass is an alloy which consists of copper, which helps the electricity to pass easily, without it being much heated. Brass wires act as the raw material for many wires which are used in industries which is then used in manufacturing other kind of wires with more ductility.

advantages of automotive brass fitting

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How To Make Your Own Curtain Rods Using Galvanized Brass Pipe And Nipple Fittings

We are going to share tutorial to make your own curtain rod from galvanized brass pipe to have a cool, industrial chic environment. To make them glamorous, you can paint the pipe with golden spray color.

You can also use steel pipe, PVC pipe, or copper pipe if you don’t have brass material based pipe. You should use brass nipple fittings to join the pipes in stronger way.

People love decorating projects for their home as they inspire their people to start something they have been thinking about.

So, for curtain rod project, you will need-

  1. 2 galvanized floor flange ( ½ inch)
  2. 2 galvanized 90-degree elbow (1/2 inch)
  3. 2 Close brass nipple (1/2 inch)
  4. 1 galvanized pipe (1/2 inch by 60 inch)

Expert advice- Make sure you get the pipe wider than your window

Other supplies required for the project –

  • Metallic Gold spray paint
  • Primer
  • Clear gloss sealer (optional)
  • 8 Drywall anchors
  • 8 screws

Tools you should have-

  • Cordless drill
  • Tape measure
  • Pencil

Start The Project

  1. Step one- Assemble all the pieces – rod and other fittings.
  2. Step two- Make sure you place the newspaper or long rag cloth below the fittings so that paint won’t make a mess on the floor.
  3. Step three- Remove grease from the pipe

You must clean the pipe and remove the grease from pipe and accessories. It is important to perform in order to hold that golden spray. After removal of the grease, dry it using a rag cloth.

  1. Step four- Use primer and make one coat to grip the golden spray color on the pipe and accessories.

Tip to use primer spray- use it from 8-10 inches away and shake the bottle every 20 seconds to get a flawless coverage.

Set it for half an hour.

  1. Step five – Paint the pipe and accessories

Once the primer coat has dried, you can spray the golden color.


Let them dry.

  1. Step Six – Assemble the curtain rod pipe

Assemble the curtain rod and measure it.

Order to assemble the parts will be like this-

Flange à Nipple à Elbow à Pipe à Elbow à Nipple à Flange

  1. Step seven – Attach the pipe flanges to the window wall.
  2. Step eight – attach the pipe curtain rod and it’s done.

This is the way you can recycle your old brass pipes, valves, and brass nipple fittings at your place. If you have more ideas to share, tell the readers.


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