Advantages Of Automotive Brass Fitting Over The Iron Wires

Electric wiring can be made of several metals however the most common metal is indeed brass, due to its electrical conductivity. Brass is an alloy which consists of copper, which helps the electricity to pass easily, without it being much heated. Brass wires act as the raw material for many wires which are used in industries which is then used in manufacturing other kind of wires with more ductility.

advantages of automotive brass fitting

Few of the most used wires in manufacturing is tinsel wires, rewinding wires, copper strings, and special cables. These are just the few which are greatly used in various uses. Apart from just wires it also helps in manufacturing instruments and machines which are used in manufacturing process.

There are many users who find copper wires expensive, for them there is another option and that is iron which comes with a PVC coating so that they more resistant to current and act equally good as commercial wires. These are also used in household wiring and other equipment. There are many advantages of plastic coated iron wires as they are much more durable and are resistant to fire unlike naked wires. Since they are plastic coated therefore they have a unique insulation which makes then safer to use and also increases its lifetime.

Why Are Automotive Brass Fitting Wires Getting More And More Popular?

There are many reasons for automotive brass fitting

  • Flexibility- Copper wires are much more flexible than any other metal. Its close competitor iron is nowhere close to it when it comes to flexibility. Because it is flexible therefore its other features follow such as malleability
  • High Resistant- Since electric current flow their wires therefore it is very important for metal wires to be high resistant. A wire which can withstand high current without getting spoilt is one of the features of a good and a durable wire
  • Durability- As mentioned above, copper wire is durable and can withstand high temperature and heavy electric current they helps in increasing its lifespan and is very reliable therefore can be used in big industries for manufacturing purpose.
  • Malleability- One of the biggest advantages of automotive brass fitting is that it is highly malleable that is it can be beaten up into any shape and size and can be used in various ways.

Another form of copper wire which is very commonly used in industries is braided wires which are not only good conductor of electricity but is also used in storage batteries and electric ovens. They are made of combination of round copper wire and tinned copper wire. They have a process which is done by braiding copper wire with other metals this helps in increasing the intensity of the electricity which is when passed and helps in wastage of electricity.

Brass wires are manufactured and produced keeping in mind its usage and the clients demand. There are many other specifications which are kept in mind such as its resistance and durability. Due to the inherent nature of brass, it is best used in industries which are present in areas where the soli is high in salt. Since brass does not react with salt therefore it is safe to make use of it as compared to other metals.



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