Reasons to Use Connectors and Brass Connectors

Plumbing is a very important craft of the household. It has been the first sign of modernization and civilization. Even though it is a very old trade, always new techniques and equipment are being discovered and invented.

Some of the tiny and important components of plumbing are necessary to be discussed and understood to the core because of the wide range of uses they have. Let us give a quick look at one such tiny part called a connector and in particular about the connectors made of brass.


Connectors are the simple metal pieces with facilities for connecting the piece at both the ends. Connectors are generally used to connect two or more pipes (3 in the case of a T – connector).

Sometimes they are also employed in changing the flow and also regulating it depending on the necessity. At times special connector are also used in closing or sealing a pipe.

A pipefitting is usually organized into a male thread, male slip fit, a female thread and a female slip fit.

Using Brass Connectors

Brass is an amalgamation of copper and zinc. This combination produces a metal so suitable for the plumbing needs that it has become one of the widely used material for component manufacturing in the plumbing industry.

Some of the special features and uses of brass connectors are discussed below:

      1. Durability of brass connectors – Brass is a durable material with respect to the water flows and connections. It serves the plumbing purposes by being resilient and serving long. Brass connectors do not easily crack or disintegrate easily. They are hard to corrode too. These features of brass connectors adds to their home value and makes them a good choice.
      2. Endurance to temperature changes – Brass connectors are ideal for household plumbing needs because brass can survive any temperature scales easily. House hold water distribution system will be supplying hot water and cold waters too. 

        Brass can withstand these temperature changes in the working environment easily. The resistance of brass connectors to temperature can be easily explained through the ductility of brass at high temperatures and its fire resistance capabilities.

      3.  Malleability and versatile nature – Brass connectors are available for all connection needs. Brass is a highly malleable metal. It can be molded easily than iron or steel. This allows the manufacturers to have an edge in choosing brass for making connectors.

        Connectors need to be shaped based on the requirement. They sometimes demand varied shapes and sizes. Brass connectors can fit into all these specific needs easily.

      4. Corrosion resistance – Though we have discussed the durable nature of brass connectors, it is important to specify the corrosion resistance of brass connectors. Corrosion and rust are two important factors that lead to lower life spans of plumbing equipment.

It is important to note that corrosion in plumbing generally occurs in the junctions and diversions where connectors are used. Brass being a combination of zinc and copper shows special properties with high resistance to corrosion. So, brass connectors are the best for a corrosion resistant environment.

With all these special properties of brass specified, it is an ideal choice for anyone to use brass connectors as all possible junctions and connections in household plumbing.



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