Solutions To Deal With The Brass Pool Cover Anchors

01There are 1 out of 2 of the brass covers which can come down or which cannot go up and just some of them can actually spin in the hole.

Let’s discuss on the top 2 problems that occur with the brass pool cover anchors. They are as follows:

The Hex Key Hole Is Stripped Smooth:

If you are considering the hole where you are required to put the hex, it is rounded smooth and you actually have trouble in rotating it into another direction.

So, in order to avoid this complexity, you must not make the Hex smooth or also cannot be stripped off rounded. Then, you need to check that the hole is not half-filled with the hardened gift.

In that case, you need to use a large flat which is a headed screwdriver. But, all of them don’t have the slots on the either side of the hole. Then there is a need to tap the driver on the head of the screwdriver into the hex hole, which is deep ‘bite’ into the edges. 02

Then you are required to use the pliers to turn the handle. If in case, the insert is raised, then you need to grab the edge with the help of the pair of locking pliers and then the anchor can then be turned  if that is not seized up.  This can be removed then the other half of it can be replaced.

The Pool Cover Anchor Won’t Actually Turn:

This can be done by the hardened grit in the threads. Or it can be from the other parts of the brass pool cover anchors that can be well installed with the help of the poorly drilled hole.

In cases, there is a need to twist and bend the hex key and that is made stronger with the help of the standard ‘L’ shaped hex key.  This can be lubricated again and there is nothing heavy in this. It can then be helpful in soaking of the oil and for atleast 30 minutes.

Then, you need to lubricate it again and the anchor then turns before actually sticking it yet again.  When you turn a stuck pool, then in that case, you can actually turn it in only one direction.

This will be helpful in breaking of the grit in the threads. If it has been inserted partially, then try to grab the edge and make sure it is done with the help of pair of pliers.

How To Remove The Pool Cover Anchor?

There is a chip and pry method which is helpful in chiseling out the concrete material which is around the top of the anchor. This helps in the holding of the anchor at the top. In many cases, the chip may not be tapped at the head of the screwdriver.

There are also commercial available pool tools, which help in the removing the cover anchors.  Thus, brass pool cover anchors are actually beneficial and its covers can be very easily removed.


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