Different Installation Methods Used By Brass Insert Manufacturers

07Inserts are the parts used to strengthen plastic parts in which screws need to be installed and removed many times. These inserts are usually made of brass that offers long thread life, solid, and secure fastening base. Manufacturers get them in stainless steel, aluminium, and free-machining steel finish along with brass.

Inserts are widely used in reinforcing two types of plastic: Thermoplastic or Thermoset Plastic. Thermoplastic inserts are like wax. When you heat them, they get soft and melt. Whereas, thermoset plastics have a molecular cross-linked structure.

Thermoset compounds are brittle and less resilient unlike thermoplastic compounds. These compounds respond better to post molding or molding cold insertion.

Manufacturers bring different variety of styles and sizes to meet requirements of different applications. They take help of different installation methods-

  • Insert Molding – Molding an insert into assembly raises the total time of molding as extra time is required to load the insert. Molded-in inserts may be responsible for sink marks. They are exceptionally used with thermoset plastics.
  • Post molded- These inserts eliminate the downtime linked with molding a thread or an insert into a plastic part. Zero sink marks, reduced open press time, and faster assembly are some of its advantages.
  • Ultrasonic- The most common method used by people for installing inserts into thermoplastic materials is the ultrasonic method. With this method, user can perform fast, positive anchoring.
  • Thermal- During heat/thermal insertion, the insert is put into a drilled hole or in the mold. Later you can apply pressure with a heated probe that contacts the top surface and minor insert thread diameter. You can install multiple inserts simultaneously. It is ideal method for inserting larger inserts and it is lesser noisy unlike ultrasonic method.
  • Cold insertion – There are some inserts that can be pressed in after molding with no hassle. Torque, pull, and jack-out strength are lower as compared to ultrasonic or thermal installation.

Vatsalya brass inserts manufacturers are offering tremendous collection of inserts for plastics. You can get in touch with the experts and ask query for bulk or loose order as per the need.

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