Advantages of Brass Pipe Fittings For Domestic Plumbing Fixtures

Brass fittings are widely used in both old and modern homes in indoors and outdoors. Few fittings are used as home fixtures that are generally used on windows, doors, and other plumbing components. Every consumer wants to know- is brass pipe fitting a good product for domestic plumbing? In this article, experts will explain how brass fittings can be ideal plumbing components as the properties of brass lend easily to soldering to shape a list of plumbing components.

Being an alloy or zinc and copper, manufacturers use brass with copper to produce common plumbing fittings. Brass fittings are ideal choices in households for hot water applications as this meal alloy is super malleable and flexible enough to bend, shape, and mold. Moreover, brass also endures high temperatures and doesn’t deform. Brass fittings possess great conductivity that allows hot water distribution system to operate in systematic and efficient way.

Unlike other metals, brass has extreme malleability level and easy handling and lesser installation costs. If you are unfamiliar with the distinctions, it will become difficult for you to determine the material of your plumbing fixtures.

brass pipe fittings

Why Brass Pipe Fittings Are Favorite Pick Of The Builders?

Pipe fittings or fixture fittings include hose bibcocks, backflow preventers, valves, and pressure control devices. Brass is extremely durable and preferred metal for pneumatic and fixture fittings as it can be easily machined into precisely detailed parts.

Polished brass fixture fittings have unique bright golden color and sometime it can be of darker, browner color. It is always better to ask builder to use genuine brass fittings as some non-brass fixture fittings are coated with similar color to give it brass look. When you use such fittings – you cannot expect long life span as the fixture fitting is not made of brass.

Brass is exclusive and sophisticated metal that is used for fabricating various things other than pipe fittings, such as utensils, antiques, statues, sceneries, etc. Pipe fixtures used by builders come in different materials- aluminum, steel, and brass.

Brass pipe fixtures are usually costly, but worth investing. This is why majority of builders across the globe advice to their clients to install brass pipe fittings and fixtures in order to get reliable performance for years. Solid brass pneumatic and plumbing fittings have long life, great looks, tendency to deliver superior performance. These are the reasons why the products of brass are selling so fast.

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